Grant Award!

Contra Mundum Press is honored to announce that it received a subvention from the Hungarian Books & Translations Office division of the Petőfi Literary Museum. The grant award is to assist with our forthcoming translation of Miklós Szentkuthy’s Marginalia on Casanova, which is being translated into English for the very first time by Tim Wilkinson.

Born in Wales in 1947 and schooled in Sheffield, England, Tim Wilkinson first began translating while living and working in Hungary from 1970-73. He has translated a number of substantial works on Hungarian history and culture including Éva Balázs, Hungary and the Habsburgs 1765-1800 (1997), Domokos Kosáry, Hungary and International Politics in 1848-1849 (2003), and Péter E. Kovács and Kornél Szovák, (eds.), Infima Aetas Pannonica: Studies in Late Medieval Hungarian History (2009). In the literary field he has translated works by Imre Kertész and many other contemporary prose writers.

The US edition of Wilkinson’s tr. of Fatelessness was awarded the PEN American Center’s PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club 2005 Translation Prize. The UK edition was runner-up for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2006 and sole winner of the Jewish Quarterly — H.H. Wingate Literary Awards (Fiction and Non-Fiction) for 2006. And Wilkinson’s tr. of Kertesz’s Fiasco is a finalist for Three Percent’s Best Translated Book Award (2012).