Elio Petri Retrospective

Contra Mundum Press, the Italian Institute of Culture, and Arsenal present:

A retrospective on Italian director Elio Petri

Arsenal Cinema, Berlin

November 6–21, 2013

Petri was so alive, and inside the cinema, inside the images, so inside the strength of a vision. His cinema should not be forgotten. — Tonino Guerra

Featuring talks by Paola Petri, Bert Rebhandl, Guido Kirsten, and others.

The program in German or English

Our edition of Petri’s Writings on Cinema & Life

Todo Modo







In the last period of my life, I have made unpleasant films. Yes, unpleasant films in a society which requires pleasantness in all, even in commitment. My films, on the contrary, go beyond signs of unpleasantness. What is all this due to? Why do I make films like these? It has to be related to the clear sensation of having come to the point where all the premises that were present when I was a boy, have been thwarted. Society has taken a completely different route, and this could only leave a deep mark on me. ­— Elio Petri