The Maecenas Constellation (MC) is an alternative patronage experiment composed of individuals who together will form the inner circle of Contra Mundum Press. Through its combined resources, the constellation will serve as an entity akin to a Renaissance patron.  

Contra Mundum Press is an award-winning independent publishing house that has published translations from Sumerian, French, Hungarian, Italian, German, Turkish, and Farsi, bilingual books, two world-premiere editions of Pessoa, and several bi- and multilingual books from a variety of genres. Our art journal, Hyperion: On the Future of Aesthetics, has an international readership stretching from the Americas to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Writers such as Erika Burkart, Quentin Meillassoux, Alain Badiou, and others have contributed original essays to the journal. Contra Mundum has also staged events and collaborated with numerous cultural institutions in New York, Budapest, Berlin, Paris, and elsewhere, including participating in international film and literary festivals. Since our inception in 2012, our publications have been heralded in the pages of The Times Literary Supplement, The New Statesman, The Guardian, the Paris Review, and the Los Angeles Review of Books, amongst others. To become a member of the Maecenas Constellation is to express your confidence in and support of such cultural work, and to aid us in continuing it.  

Becoming a member of the MC simply involves a modest pledge of just $60 per year. The funds received from such a membership body would not only help compensate for the bulk of the production costs of producing six books per year, it would also provide some financial support for the different experiences the collective wishes to develop. Aside from receiving 2 books per year in advance of publication and a limited edition tote bag, you would be entitled to a 30% discount when purchasing any of our other books (which you would receive in advance of release to the general public). Additionally, you will be offered the opportunity of purchasing limited edition books only available to members.  

Through our community of readers, we would then be able to remain an independent entity free of having to rely upon government support and/or grant and other official funding bodies, not to speak of their timelines & impositions. It would also free the press from suffering the vagaries of the publishing industry, as well as the risk of submitting to commercial pressures in order to persist, thereby potentially compromising the integrity of its catalog.  

With bookstores and presses around the world struggling to survive, and many even closing, we hope to establish this alternative form of patronage as a means for establishing a continuous & stable foundation to safeguard the longevity of Contra Mundum Press. Each individual member of the constellation would help to form a greater entity and so jointly advance the cultural efforts of Contra Mundum Press. A unified assemblage of individuals can make a modern Maecenas.  

To lend your support and become a member, send your contribution to us via paypal:  


Sponsorships can be in the form of: aiding the publication of a forthcoming book; funding the acquisition of a specific book (translation rights) that suits our catalog (one already under consideration or one you suggest); or sponsoring a forthcoming translation. Sponsorships should be in the amount of $1,500 and above. As a sponsor, your name will be listed in our colophon, unless you wish to remain anonymous. Contra Mundum Press also welcomes donations. All donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. Contact our publicity & marketing director, Giovanni Piacenza, for more details. To make a tax-deductible donation to the press, visit this page.