Foreman Review

“As with all of Foreman’s published work, this collection [Plays With Films] documents visceral, physical events. Fortunately, these events are well worth capturing for the written record. … The plays show a very experienced artist simultaneously staying innovative and true-to-himself. … In presenting these texts as written documents, Foreman sets us up for his difficult theater. These plays demand focus — lots of it — and we’re lucky for that. These are plays for people who believe they deserve good art instead of mere entertainment. Hopefully, the documentation will lead to new stagings of these plays, since the collection is a de facto template for other ambitious directors to pick up the work and make it their own.” — Justin Maxwell, Rain Taxi, No. 71 (fall 2013)

“Richard Foreman’s work gives a resonance and a disturbance not felt from any other company. [He is] a pioneer in end-of-millennium controlled chaos.” — David Bowie

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