Emilio Villa Review

Flavio Ermini, “Where Poetry Dwells — The Linguistic Substance of Chaos”

“Emilio Villa’s poetry reveals a movement toward an extremely remote past, prior to the constitution of forms. This backward movement — a reverse that closely resembles a resolute advancement — does not neglect the language of origins or the pre-verbal images of the unconscious. Villa’s poetry relies on inaudible words in order to go beyond what we call beginning. This becomes clear when reading The Selected Poetry of Emilio Villa. … The issue Villa poses with his poetics can be summarized in the following question: where will this persistent return to origins take us? The word closest to the beginning — that is, the word inherent in poetry’s thought — demonstrates that we are made up of gestures and events based on Eden’s undifferentiated state. The poem “Words” shows this, proving that the essence of origins escapes the cognitive investigations of science; it challenges etymologies. Villa is unequivocal when he demonstrates that the original language is accessible only up to a certain point. Then — going even further back in time — one must deal with the a-temporality of chaos. We have always thought of the beginning as a transition from chaos to form. Yet Villa goes beyond this concept.” 

Read the full review in: EQUIPèCO no. 41, Anno XI (Autunno 2014)