Announcing: Selected Writings

Selected Writings is a new publication whose aim is to introduce English-speaking readers to ‘foreign’ works that use form in conscious, knowing ways, raise searching questions, and whose purviews exceed convention. Although our principal concern is with literature, by finding exemplary works in every field of human endeavor, translating a representative sample of them, and presenting such material, Selected Writings will provide its readers with a sense of the developments in the arts & sciences elsewhere in the world. Additionally, it is meant to serve as a forum to give greater recognition & visibility to the work of the translator, whose presence & efforts still remain peripheral.

At a deeper, more subterranean level, Selected Writings intends to play an unsettling role within the predominant & often staid confines of Anglo-Saxon culture. In our eyes, the introduction of foreign forms — understood in the provocative, volatile, & experimental sense — is a pressing concern in a globalized world that is less cognizant of or interested in ‘foreign’ endeavors.

On a regular basis, Selected Writings will offer some dark matter to trouble the depths, stir the senses, and, to whatever degree possible, disrupt overly ossified cultural paradigms. It will strive to curate not only a body of provocative & vanguard texts, but also to create a community for those who prize formal inventiveness, linguistic temerity, and thinking that is searching & intrepid.



The work published in Selected Writings will include commissioned translations of untranslated works, sample translations of forthcoming books published in English, and submissions from translators & publishers, who we encourage to contact us.

Although our preference is for previously untranslated material, we are open to new translations of previously translated material, especially if existing translations are poor. We are equally interested in material that might not, or most probably won’t, ever be published in its entirety, whether due to economic reasons, the vagaries of the market, ruling tastes, etc.

From Nietzsche to Melville to Proust, Joyce, Stein, Beckett & Nabokov, writers of exception have often had to resort to self-publication or interminable delays due to the general lack of foresight & adventurousness on the part of publishers. Hence, SW also aims to be a forum for material that is considered exemplary but ‘difficult,’ material that may always or for too long remain in oblivion, relegated to the margins. What is too strange, too unwieldy, too transgressive, too against the grain here has voice.

Submissions must include:

* original-language text

* 3,000–5,000-word translation into English

* short introduction on the author & work (lengthier essays are also welcome and can be considered for publication in Hyperion)

* contact information of original publisher

* publication permission from original publisher

* JPG of original front cover image


All submissions will be vetted by editors fluent in the original language. Translators are expected to respond to inquiries and be prepared to act as a liaison between the original publisher and the editors of Selected Writings. Sample translations are published online on a rolling basis.


Address all inquiries or send submissions to:


A Contra Mundum Press Project

Chief Editor: Gregory Flanders

Co-editors: Rainer J. Hanshe, Erika Mihálycsa