Contra Mundum Press (CMP) is a boutique publisher based in New York and Berlin. Our principal interest is in Modernism and the principles developed by the Modernists, but challenging and visionary works from other eras may be considered for publication.

Our catalog includes poetry, literature, drama, philosophy, film criticism and essays. In the future, we intend on expanding it to include works on architecture, music, & other fields.

CMP also publishes translations of writers who are of significant stature in their own cultures, and whose works in English translation have not been published, are out of print, or are poorly translated. We are interested in texts that in their use of form and style are a rebours, though not in empty or gratuitous forms of ‘experimentation’ (programmatic avant-gardism). Against the prevailing view that everything has been discovered, there are many texts of fundamental significance to Weltliteratur (and Weltkultur) that still remain in relative oblivion and warrant being encountered by the world at large.

CMP also republishes rare, out-of-print, and obscure works it considers significant but which have been forgotten or lost in the maelstrom of noise that preponderates in our epoch.

We are dedicated to the value and the indispensable importance of the individual voice, to testing the boundaries of thought and experience.

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“Supposing someone believed that it would require no more than a hundred men educated and actively working in a new spirit to do away with the bogus form of culture which has just now become the fashion […], how greatly it would strengthen him to realize that the culture of the Renaissance was raised on the shoulders of just such a band of a hundred men. […] With a hundred such men raised in this unmodern way, that is to say become mature and accustomed to the heroic — the whole noisy sham-culture of our age could now be silenced for ever. Nietzsche, Untimely Meditations



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